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Our Projects

1. Municipal waste sorting plants:

2. Industrial waste sorting plants:

3. Recyclable material sorting plants – manual:

4. Recyclable material sorting plants - automatic with optical and ballistic segregation:

5. Transport lines for production waste in print shops:

6. GASSNER Foerdermat R systems for tearing bags and dosing waste - functional and highly reliable machine no 1 for every waste process line:

7. Belt conveyors:
a. chain belt conveyors for press

b. trough conveyors for transporting loose and organic materials

c. slider conveyors, slider-roller conveyors

8. Sorting cabins with equipment: light, ventilation, heating and cooling:

9. Drum sieves: 1600-3200 mm, length L=5.0-12.0 m:

10. BioCom biological waste stabilisation system: